Takeaways from Week Two

When I started taking pictures, a very long time ago, the conventional wisdom was to shoot with a 50mm lens (on a full frame camera or film). It helped that good 50mm lenses were cheaper and have less distortion than other lenses on every camera system I’ve used. That was the reason for week one to start of with my 35mm lens, (52mm FF) the closed to getting the 50mm full frame equivalent .

For week two is switched to my 24mm lens (36mm FF). It was the first time I used this lens since I just got it the week before. I was pleasantly surprised by it. The wider angle of view encompass more of the subject, where as the narrower angle of view (36m vs 52mm) reduces the amount of the scene.

The choice between the two focal lengths is really based on personal photography style. Do you like to include a lot of the background in your shots or do you prefer a more defined separation of background and subject? While one lens could be considered more versatile because of its ability to compose at a wider focal length, the other lengths allows you more creative possibilities with depth of field. Whichever your choice, make sure it complements your style of shooting. For me, I lean more towards the 24mm (36mm FF) lens.

This week will be very different since I will be using my Minolta AF 50mm F/1.7 lens, which translates to a focal length of 75mm on my Sony SLT α77 with a APS-C sensor. Not an ideal FL for traditional landscape photography, however larger FL can offer a nice change of pace for contemporary landscape photography.