Takeaway from Week Four

There is no question that my photograph is influenced much more by the choice of my lens lens than by my camera. Sharpness, contrast, depth of focus, clarity, and detail are all determined almost exclusively by the lens; it forms the image, while the camera simply captures it.

50mm is known as a “normal” focal length because it sees with roughly the same perspective as the human eye. At 75mm I am enable to shoot subjects from a distance, isolating details of the scene, rather than fitting a lot into the frame. A 135mm lens or longer, is usually used for wildlife photography, but can also be used to make very unique landscape images as the produce less depth of field.

Summarizing, the 135mm lens creates a compression effect, giving the illusion that objects such as mountain ridges are much closer together than they really are. The only issue with my 135mm lens is not the quality of the results, but the size and weight to carry it during hiking trips.