Mount Diablo hiding in Clouds

Got a bit lucky today, the rain just stopped long enough to take these picture. However, this time the mountain is not visible because of the clouds hanging over the foothills. To help the comparison to earlier photos of the same scene, all four photos are centered where the mountain is a bit visible.

Interesting enough, with the 15mm focal length, you see things that I purposely tried to ignored with the earlier photos, including today’s two photos at the long end of the lens (36mm).

All photos were taken with my Sony SLT α77 and Tamron SP 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Di II lens, using Aperture mode, with a setting of f/18, White Balance set to cloudy, ISO to 400 and 3-shot bracketing with +/- 0.5 EV. No post-process adjustments were made to the photos.