At Big Break – Week 6

Continuing this week with using my zoom-lenses for leaning to understand their fields of view as well as comparing it against prime lenses with the same focal length. This week’s lens I will be using my favored wide-angle Sony DT 16-105mm lens.

I had another training session at the Big Break Visiting Center and since I hurt my back on Friday limiting my movements, I took this set of photos from the outside the visiting center. It is a single scene taken with all six marked focal lengths, 24mm (16), 36mm (24), 52mm (35), 75mm (50), 105mm (70) and 157mm (105); Full Frame focal length in ().

All photos were taken with my Sony SLT α77 and Sony DT 16-105mm F/3.5-5.6 lens, using Aperture mode, with a setting of f/20, White Balance set to cloudy, ISO to 200.