The road to Recovery

About 6 weeks ago, I started to complain about a pain in my hip, see posting Nothing but Clouds – Week 5. I went to see various Doctors, and although the pain decreased after a cortisone injection, it soon came back and 2 weeks ago the pain spread to my other hip and shoulder.

I then went for a series of X-rays which showed that my spine (T4 vertebra) was partially fractured near my lungs and there were also some large masses visible.

I immediately underwent a battery of tests (PET/CT, MRI, Bone Marrow Biopsy, X-RAYS) and was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (MM). There is no cure for MM but it it is treatable. The immediate aim of the radiation and chemotherapy is to reduce the build up of the cancerous white cells and his level of acute pain which I have in my hips, spine and shoulder. If all goes well the disease could be under control in about 6 months, and the Doctors feel that should extend my life expectancy to about 5 years but probably longer.

There is also some more good news as a biopsy shows that the spot on my lungs was not lung cancer.

Last but not least, I made an important decision by resigning with immediate effect from all of my roles within ISO/TC154, including the roles of TC Chair, JWG1, WG4 and WG7 convener.

Besides the update I just provided, I will use this blog to document my road to recovery. I hope to be well enough to do this daily. I am told that this can be a very effective therapeutic tool during my recovery process.

If you like to comment, provide feedback based on your own encounter with cancer, or just provide words of encouragements, I have activated the comments feature for this topic. You must however be a registered and validated user. The process is simple and I will do my best to assist you should you run into problems.

With that in mind I created a detail set of instructions, as a separate posting, to guide you through the process of creating/registering you account, confirming your request and setting up a secure password.

9 thoughts on “The road to Recovery

  1. A very good start Klaus! But also see my personal email about the hard to find link to register.

    1. Ray, thanks for pointing out the issue about the difficulty finding the Registration link. I have amended the last sentence by adding a direct link to the Login/Registration page. I will also add a short post about the process that centers around two emails, the first to Activate your Account and the second that provides a link to login and provide your password.

  2. Klaus,
    I dropped you a personal note recently. It’s been a while since we talked, but know that you are in our prayers. Nancy and I will keep in touch, but please get well soon!

  3. Dear Klaus, please know how sorry I am to learn of your health issues. My sincere best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.


  4. Klaus, sending good thoughts your way as you deal with this new challenge. Prognosis sounds optimistic, and your attitude, as always,amazing!! Will keep you and your family in my prayers, and keep up on your blog – wishing you a fast and full recovery!!!

  5. Klaus, I was strongly shocked to hear your health issues on the last Skype chat, and I lost how and what I can say my words to you. But, I am getting a little bit easy to know that your medical treatments are effective and your conditions are getting better and better. I believe that you shall recover your health issues as soon as possible.
    Yours, Kenji and Chiko

  6. Dear Klaus, How do you feel today? I sincerely hope that your conditions are getting well day by day. When we discussed about TC154 matters under reviewing and voting with Japan TC154 Secretariat, he (and all other TC154 members in Japan) asked me to tell you that they are strongly hoping your earliest recovery. Anyway, in Japan the cherry blossom season is starting now from southern part of Japan. I hope that I can upload cherry blossom picture soon.
    Yours, Kenji

    1. Dear Kenji,

      Thank you for checking up on me. Please pass my thanks to your Japanese TC 154 colleagues for their get-well-soon wishes. I am really looking forward to your cherry blossom pictures to cheer me up 🙂

      As to your question how am I feeling today, the best way to get that information is to check my daily summary postings that I started yesterday, see 2017-03-22 Recovery Day 16. To have quick access to all my recovery related posting I added a new main menu item called Road to Recovery between the Blog and About menu items.

  7. Klaus, very sorry to hear about the medical news. While we acutely will miss you from open standards work, I’m grateful that you’re able to focus on your first priority of well-being and recovery.
    I’m continually surprised at what life chooses randomly to throw at us all. Using rationality and reasoning as our primary, proud coping tools in life, it’s too easy to wallow in hubris than find humility — for me, anyway. How jarring that we’re regularly reminded how much is utterly beyond our influence. Our best wishes and prayers are with you and your family, and we’ll look forward to hearing of your progress. Call anytime.

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