2017-03-25 Recovery Day 19

It always nice to be back home, specially after a long stay somewhere. I my case add the fact that I spend most of my time In bed. Overall the first night was a bit unexpected, I was for most of it pain free, but did not sleep as much, mostly it was catnaps. Not sure the reason behind those short cycles. I hope there will not be a repeat tonight.

I was for most part, during the day, today alone at home. Dianne had to visit Denise, and hopefully bring her home. I did have few visits from my neighbor making sure everything is OK and help me with lunch. Energy wise my level was down, that did not mean I was doing nothing, I did take about six 15 minute walk, with a walker. However, I just did not have the motivation to write today’s blog posting.

Pain wise, the day started of with no need for any break through medication, but as the day progressed the need arose. My guess is that the need arose from me walking, something I did not do at the hospital. Guess that theory will be tested again tomorrow.

As mention before, one side effect of all these chemo and pain management drugs is constipation, which requires its own regiment of drugs. Now that I am home and starting to move around more, especially walking, this should slowly be less of a problem.

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  1. Hi Klaus, wishing you continued recovery and that while you recover you can take comfort in the small blessings in each day.

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