2017-03-26 Recovery Day 20

The night was a repeat of last night, mostly pain free, but not much sleep, mostly catnaps. Not sure if this is because of the chemo drugs working around the clock. Time will tell.

Today was the first day since 3rd March that Dianne, Denise and I were home together, which had a positive impact on all of us.

Pain wise it was an up and down day starting of with no need for any break through medication, but as the day progressed the need arose. This confirms my theory from yesterday that the need arises from me walking, something I did not do at the hospital. Hopefully, as my recovery continues, the more I walk the need for taking Dilaudid (Break through medication) will decrease.

Big Bang Alert

You may have noticed that this report was filed on day 21, not at the end of the day the summary is about. There is a good reason for it, I was overcome by nausea right after taking my evening medication, including Revlimid. Dianne used every trick she knows to prevent vomiting, which would have created a separate problem in regard to the chemo drug Revlimid. In addition to the nausea, my pain level went out of control. It took a lot of effort to get to bed, but again Dianne came to the rescue. The good news, somehow I fail asleep and by midnight the pain was gone.

Since this pain/nausea attack are all linked to talking Revlimid hours before, we must find a way to prevent this as I still have 16 more days of taking Revlimid.