2017-03-28 Recovery Day 22 (Updated)

As mention in yesterday’s summary, we made scheduling adjustments for my evening medication. The good news, it worked. I fail asleep and did not wake up until midnight, getting 4 1/2 hours of sleep. The rest of the night (midnight to early morning 5:30) was mostly pain free. Overall my best night so far.

Today, day 22, is the second day for my afternoon’s Carfilzomib treatment at the local cancer center. The chemo session was ok, but before that, right after 11:30 I was overcome by nausea that would not go away. I even had to vomit before chemo. The nausea continued even after chemo and throughout the night. Lucky for me I did not have to vomit. However, I did not get any real sleep as I woke up ever hour.

It took me 1/2 hour to get upstairs to bed. After a few minutes Dianne check on me, however I had started my first catnap. It turned out to be a long night.