2017-03-29 Recovery Day 23

As I mention in yesterday’s report I did not sleep very well. Still nausea is my biggest problem. It got so bad that I vomited after I got downstairs. Dianne was able to push my followup examine ahead, allowing me to get some hydration and being under observation to figure out all my medication.

Most of the day I spend at the cancer center, resting. Every once in awhile a nurse or doctor came by to see if the adjustments work. Overall it was a wait and see day. The did come up with a modified prescription time table to be implemented tonight.

To make a long story short, I had a good night sleep, with no nausea or pain.

One thought on “2017-03-29 Recovery Day 23

  1. Dear Klaus, I am so sorry to hear that you couldn’t sleep well due to nausea. It may be because of the radiation therapy treatment. However, pain has gone?
    Anyway, I hope you can take a good sleep.
    Take care of you and have a good week-end at home,

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