2017-03-30 Recovery Day 24

As I mention in yesterday’s report I did get some good sleep, which continued into this morning. I guess the reevaluation of all my medicine including not only the doses but also the time table and possible interaction had a big part to do with it. Time will tell if this is a one trick pony or we have one part under some control.

Overall I felt a bit exhausted, having had a lack of rest and sleep for most of this week, so I decided to take it easy by resting. I also did not feel eating much, just some toast and chicken broth. May when dinner comes around I have a bit more to eat.

Interesting enough my two regular pain point around my T4 vertebrae and lower back pain decided to rest as well. I still have the chemo reaction throughout my infected body parts, but theirs this associated pain is today kept in check, thanks to the Fentanyl Patch.

To end this good day on another good note, let’s hope that yesterday’s modified prescription time table will continue to do its best.