2017-03-31 Recovery Day 25

This was the second good night in a row with lots of sleep and little pain. I guess the reevaluation of all my medicine including not only the doses but also the time table and possible interaction had a big part to do with it. Hopefully this will be it, so we can concentrate on healing.

Because Dianne has to take Denise to UCSF in Mission Bay, I stayed at the cancer center for the day. I still have that lightheadedness, which slows me down in many way. My nausea was mostly gone until the early afternoon. Not sure if that had something to do with being hydrated or not.

My T4 vertebrae pain is becoming a concern to the doctors. They are thinking of scheduling a special procedure to be performed by Intervention Radiology to take the pressure of the T4.

Over all not a bad day, and hopefully the rest of the day will be like yesterday.