2017-04-02 Recovery Day 27

This was the fourth good night in a row with lotof good sleep and no pain, 9:00-3:00. I am not giving up in my quest to get at least 2 more hours of sleep. Sleep is a very important part to stay healthy, and even more so when recovering.

Yesterday I started my breathing exercises, which I ignored because of all the nausea and pain. The exercise uses the Voldyne 5000, a popular incentive spirometer. The goal of this device is to open the air sacs in the lungs after surgery, making it easier to breathe deeply and keep the lungs clear. Proper usage may speed up the total recovery time while reducing your risk of developing pneumonia or other breathing problems.

The instruction are to breath in through the device, 10 times, with 3 normal breathing cycles without the device. This is done every hour on every day. Here are my results:

  • Hospital discharge = 1500 ml
  • 01 April = 1000 ml
  • 02 April = 1250 ml
  • 03 April = 1500 ml
  • 04 April = 1750 ml

As to the day itself, it was over all a good day, some of my energy was back. I finally spend some time sitting in garden. It took not long and some of my neighbors came over. We had a good time together which help me to keep my spirits high.

That’s it for today, looking forward to a good night sleep and a good day as I will start another round of Carfilzomib treatment via infusion in the afternoon.