2017-04-04 Recovery Day 29

Finally a night of good 8 hours of sleep and no pain! Let’s hope it continues this way. Today is the second day for my afternoon’s Carfilzomib treatment at the local cancer center. But before that appointment lots of other positive things took place.

For starters the issue of the pain (feels more like a cramp) in my left leg, from the hip joint to halfway down my upper leg is still there. It makes very painful to get out of bed in the morning. Over the need to few hours it disappears. I will have to wait until this chemo cycle is completed and I have my follower up session with the primary Doctor.

I noticed that I somehow have more energy and appetite, which helped with breakfast selection. Also since I did not feel any pain there was no need to take my breakthrough meds. I spend the morning to catchup with my postings, which I was not able to do because of my very low energy level. I also had a good FaceTime call with Ray, another sign that I am mending.

At lunch I had 3 of my Premenos coworker visiting me. We had a good time for a moment forgetting about my situation and talking about the good days we worked together and what the future my bring. They will drop by as often as they and I am available.

The chemo session was without any issues, as they become routine. Therefore there is not much to write. Since this is the 3rd week, I will not have next week my Monday and Tuesday Carfilzomib treatment. This concludes the first cycle. I still will have to take each evening my Revlimid until all 21 are gone. I will start the 2nd cycle on 17th April.

After getting back home, I rested for about an hour, before having had a small dinner. It seems my appetite is back, which is another good sign. Over all this was a good day, looking forward for this to continue for the night.