2017-04-05 Recovery Day 30

Another night of good 8 hours of sleep and no pain! Compared to last Wednesday this was very much appreciated. You may recall not only did I not sleep, but after waking up I was overcome nausea and vomiting, ending back up at the cancer center for hydration and nausea control. Unless future nights encounter issues that interfere with my sleep, I will not report that I had a good night’s sleep.

I still have the pain issue when getting out of bed, the sudden cramping pain in my left hip, that goes halfway down my leg and the pain in my left shoulder. The hip pain goes away after walking around for a few minutes. For the shoulder, I take one break through pill (Dilaudid), which does the trick.

This morning was no different with the exception that the shoulder pain did not go away. As the day progressed the T4 pain also flared up again. Even with the pain the day is one of the better as I had lunch outside enjoying the sun, air and garden flowers.

One issue that seems to surface during the 2 chemo days and the day after is lack of hydration, I am drinking lots of water, only to need more soon after. I am told that this normal. Next week there will be no Carfilzomib via infusion pump. All that is left for the next 7 days is my daily pill of Revlimid.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for a blood draw to check on my counts to see if I need a blood transfusion. Next Wednesday I am scheduled to go over the data collected since my 1st day of treatment to determine how effective it is, or if adjustments need to be made.