2017-04-06 Recovery Day 31

The general wisdom is that day 4, starting with day 1 being the first IV chemo, is the day where all three cancer medications doing their thing. That the good news, the bad news, those inner activities causes much pain, lightheadedness and lack of energy. Lucky for me, nausea is no longer an issue during day 4.

I am sure with the above introduction you know that this day will anything then fun. Overall I felt all day a bit exhausted, my system finally telling me that I need to rest. Since I have had an afternoon appointment at the Cancer Center for some blood work and hydration, getting some rest would not be an issue.

Regarding the blood work, the counts are low, but not low enough for a blood transfusion. Since I am now off chemo for a week, the thinking is that by mid-next week the counts will have improved.

Returning from the Cancer Center, things turn rather quickly with the pain, lightheadedness and lack of energy returning.

Unrelated to day 4, I still have the pain issue when getting out of bed, the sudden cramping pain in my left hip, that goes halfway down my leg and the pain in my left shoulder. The hip pain goes away after walking around for a few minutes. For the shoulder, I take one break through pill (Dilaudid), which does the trick