2017-04-07 Recovery Day 32

Yesterday I mention that the general wisdom is that day 4, is the day where all three cancer medications doing their thing. That the good news, the bad news, those inner melting activities causing much, much pain, lightheadedness and lack of energy. Since today is day 5, why do I bring this back up?

The answer is simple, since waking up this morning, all I feel is pain which is everywhere. It starts when getting out of bed, the sudden cramping pain in my left hip, that goes halfway down my leg and the pain in my left shoulder. All signs are there that today will be as bad as yesterday.

After my 6:00 Breakfast I sat down in my recliner, ready to figure out what I should do, since my next chemo session does not start until 17th. I never got to the figuring out part, instead I ended up falling asleep. I woke up around 8:30 with pain everywhere. I quickly took one break through pill (Dilaudid), but before I could start figuring out what to do, I ended up sleeping again.

Dianne decided to check with the Cancer Center about the pain not being control with the current. I ended back up at the center to get hydrated and another break trough medication. The plan is, that after completion of the hydration and pain medication, I will go straight home and to bed.

Bottom line, today did not turn out to be the day I was looking forward to, being outside on the patio. Guess I will have to wait a bit longer.