2017-04-08 Recovery Day 33

Yesterday I ended my posting that after getting back from the Cancer Center that I would go straight to bed. The reason was that the pain was everywhere, especially the left side. Therefore, instead of spending a few hours in my recliner watching TV, I chose to get as much rest as possible in bed. As it turned out it was the right move.

There is not much to report about today since waking up this morning, all I feel is pain which is everywhere. Also the nausea feeling is back, not as strong as in the past, but enough to be a discomfort. In summary, I rested as much as possible, making sure I took all my medication, drank lots of water and ate most of my meals. I did get out of bed to check on my left-side, nothing has changed, the sudden cramping pain in my left hip, that goes halfway down my leg and the pain in my left shoulder..

Tomorrow is another day of rest, maybe with today’s rest and another night of sleep, we will see a reduction on pain location. The general wisdom is that the pain is a good sign of the medication working. However, the pain level should slowly decrease as the next system is ready to arrive.

One thought on “2017-04-08 Recovery Day 33

  1. Klaus, it’s been a long time since we last caught up. I had beers with Peter Wilson in London last week and he was telling me about your latest challenges. Know that I am thinking of you and am ready to toast to your good health as soon as you recover.


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