2017-04-09 Recovery Day 34

Today was a good day. I had a good night sleep until 6:00. Since it was Sunday there was no rush to get ready for the day. Dianne suggested that I stay upstairs for a bit longer before going downstairs to rest in my recliner. Dianne even surprised me with breakfast in bed.

As to my pain level, I did not need to take any Breakthrough medication during the night. The pain on my left side, shoulder hip and leg, was at a very low level. There was some noticeable lower back pain that increased as I started to moved around. Around 10:00 I made my way downstairs.

There is not much to report about the rest of the day. The main purpose was to rest, which I did, I change my recliner postilion a few time to minimize the pain. I also walked a few times inside the house to ensure that my blood circulation is working.

Overall it was a good day, pain level was down, my energy level increased, as did my appetite. Let’s see if this trend continues or today was just a random good day.

One thought on “2017-04-09 Recovery Day 34

  1. Wishing you continued recovery Klaus d that the pain level continues to reduce. Thinking of you.

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