2017-04-10 Recovery Day 35

Today seems to be a carbon copy of yesterday. I had a very good night of sleep, waking up around 5:00. Last week i mention that I had trouble getting out of bed because of my left hip cramping up immediately when trying to stand on it. For the last 2 days this is no longer an issue. Let’s hope it stays that way.

As to my pain levels, the pain on my left side, shoulder, shoulder blade and both hip joints were at a very low level. There was some noticeable lower back pain that increased as I started to moved around. Regarding the hip pain, it has moved from the left to the right hip. As the day progressed the pain level increased on the right hip and decreased on the left.

Last week my doctors expressed concern about my T4 vertebrae pain. They were thinking of scheduling a special procedure to be performed by Intervention Radiology to take the pressure from the cancer mass of the T4. As it turns out none of the Intervention Radiology Surgeons want to touch the T4 because the location of the mass which is to close to the spine. I will know more on Wednesday after my meeting with my doctor.

Overall it was another good day, pain levels were down, energy level was at the highest sine I started chemo. Let’s see how the rest of the week will be.