2017-04-11 Recovery Day 36

Another good night of sleep, waking up around 4:30. I did not have to take any break through pill. The pain locations after waking up were my left hip (no cramping), left shoulder and lower back, all below pain level 6, which is acceptable without the need for any break through meds.

I did encounter an issue. Last night after brushing my teeth and flossing them, I went to bed. A few minutes later my tongue touch one of my upper tooth only to end up with the front part of the tooth to come loose. It turns out the whole tooth has disintegrate. There were no early warning signs during my checkups every 6 months. I will know more after my visit to the dentist later this afternoon.

Update: As it turned out the tooth had a very large filling from way back because it used a silver material. It just broke for no special reason other then being very old. It will need a root-canal and crown, but because of my chemo treatment it will have to wait until it is completed. For now a got temporary filling that will last until then.

Today was a good day, thanks for the pain level being low. I spend the morning sorting through all that paper work I received from Medicare and my Gap Insurance. Every time my doctors prescribed a medication, or order a certain procedure, I get a letter outlining the request and their decision to approve it or reject it. In the case of rejection, they provide the reason for it, and in most cases suggest another medication or procedure. A number of suggestion were immediately challenged by the doctor talking directly with the insurance. So far all rejections were overturned.

I had my daily FaceTime call with Ray, which I really appreciate since it breaks the isolation being at home. Yes my daughter is home to, but she has her own issues with her recovery. We both help each other, but having someone else to talk to helps of not going insane.

Also my Premenos colleagues visited me for lunch again. We had a good time enjoying our lunch outside on the patio and talked about a lot of topics. This may become a regular visit each week until they move their office from Concord to Pleasanton.

Overall it was another good day, pain levels were down, energy level stayed high. Let’s see how the rest of the week will be.