2017-04-12 Recovery Day 37

After two good nights of sleeps, today’s was not that good. I only slept until 2:00 and could not back to sleep, other then a string of short catnaps. There was no pain that caused the change. However, the pain locations after waking up were my upper left leg (no cramping) and lower back, all around a pain level of 8. It was time to take the break through medication.

By the time I got downstairs, the pain had spread to my left side, from the shoulder down to the hip. I had a very small breakfast, banana and strawberry breakfast drink. Since the pain was still there, I took another break through pill. Shortly after that I fell a sleep for about 2 hours.

The pain level did go down a bit, however since it was time to leave for my checkup with my primary doctor at the center, I took another break through pill as ordered. My checkup started with drawing blood for a full panel. It turned out that my counts were improving, a sign that the treatment is working.

As to the pain in my left hip/upper leg, we agreed not to go with radiation since the pain location is moving around. Also because the cramping stopped and the pain level has decrease, the current medication and chemo treatment should take care of it.

Because of the lack of walking, a side effect with all the medication, there is the danger of blood clots in my legs. To ensure there are none, I have been scheduled for an ultra sound scan later today.

Update: The ultra sound scan turned out to be negative.

Bottom line, the doctor is very happy with the results so far, not requiring any major changes to the treatment plan. There were two minor changes to the dosage, which is expected after the first cycle. I am cleared to start my second cycle on Monday.

I should have mention that after my short morning sleep, lightheadedness and dizziness appeared again, a sign that I was dehydrated. Therefore I stayed after my appointment at the center for some hydration.

The rest of the day I spend home trying to stay awake, no catnaps, in hope I will have a good night sleep, not waking up at 2:00.

Overall it was not a good day, pain levels were up, energy level was down and my appetite was all over the place. Let’s see how the rest of the week will be.