2017-04-13 Recovery Day 38

I had a good night sleep again, guess 3 out of 4 is not that bad. The pain locations after waking up, were again my upper left leg (no cramping), left shoulder and the T4 area. Not sure what to make out of it, the fact that these pain locations are the same for the last six days. Could it be that these areas had been targeted by the chemo treatment, but now that we are taking a break, I feel only pain?

This morning’s breakfast was a homemade egg on a English muffin with a banana and hot chocolate. Since the pain was still there, I took my first break through pill. My plan for the day was to go through all the paper work that was generated by the insurance company. You have to see it to believe the amount of paper approving or rejecting the requests from the various doctors. It is not only about medical procedures, but also about every medication. All had to get the approval from the insurance company. The only good news about this process is that the cancer center knows every trick in the book how to get the approval without any delay.

It took me all morning to sort out the pile of papers. The next step was to cross check these approved procedure against the invoices With the breakdown what did the insurance company pay and what is my copay. Sadly that was not possible because the insurance online system is down and will not be back in service until next week. This was actually a lucky break for me, since I over did it this morning by moving too much around. My pain level for the shoulder and T4 area were way up, the only way to get them back down was for the afternoon to do nothing other then to rest and relax.

Overall it was not a bad day, I got some of the paper work out of the way. My energy level as well as my appetite were up. The only level that was not right was my pain levels. Let’s see how the rest of the week will be.