2017-04-14 Recovery Day 39

I had another good night of sleep. For a moment I thought about analyzing the reason behind it, but I decided against it. I am sure, should there be a change in my sleep pattern, we will be able at that time to figure out what caused the change. For now I will enjoy the eight hours of sleep.

Today I was home alone, since Dianne had to take Denise to UCSF for her checkup. For me it was a day of rest, if there is such a thing. My plan was to cleanup all the stuff that collected itself around my recliner. My pain level was around 5-6, no need for any break though medication, so I got started with sorting all the stuff that collected itself. By 10:00 I was done with it, having arrange what I would need for the next few months.

Next activity was to check on my online accounts that were created as part of being in the hospital. All in all I now have five online accounts that together cover my medical information. It would be nice to have all of this in a single online account, but it will never happen, each provider wants their own.

Overall today was less of a rest day as it turned in to a get organized day. I did get some rest in the afternoon. There is not much more I can write about for today.