2017-04-15 Recovery Day 40

Today was a good day, including the nine hours of good night sleep. As the mornings before, my pain locations are still the left leg and left shoulder. However, I don’t feel the pain until I got out of bed and start moving around. The pain level was not high as before, but high enough to take the breakthrough medication.

As I said at the start of this posting, today was a good day with little to write about. Thanks to Skype and FaceTime the morning was used to stay in touch with some family and friends. By noon the pain levels had dropped low enough that there was no need for breakthrough medication. I started the afternoon with adding a payee account for my Medicare bill pays. It required calls to the help desk since the supplied information about the Medicare account were wrong.

Since it was a good day, I decided to try using my cane instead of walker. The outcome was positive, with some extra concentration I am able to walk around with just my cane. For now it is rather slow in moving forward, but I am sure the more I use it, the better it get.

I also spend an hour this afternoon outside moving around, enjoying the fresh air. As I said, it was a good a good day, not to much pain and enough energy to try the cane for walking around. Let’s see if this will continue tomorrow.