2017-04-16 Recovery Day 41

For most of today it is a repeat of yesterday, which makes it rather hard to write this posting. So what was different? For starters I was able to take a shower without help. The other event was my first walk with the cane outside in front of our house. Weather wise it rained all afternoon, canceling my plan to have a second walk outside.

As I said at the start of this posting, today was a copy of yesterday. At least it was like that until the afternoon, at which time my T4 pain surfaced. It was time to take the breakthrough medication and start resting for the pain to go away. As the pain level is slowly decreasing my nausea is coming back. As it turns out, today is the day to change my Zofran and Fentanyl patch. This change is done when I go to bed. It seems, at least to me, that both patches effectiveness have ran out and as a result my baseline pain level was much lower and there was no medication against nausea.

After applying the new patches I retired to bed since it would take some time before they would be effective. This way the resting and meds should get the pain level down and the nausea eliminated. Overall today started of very well, however that changed in the afternoon with the sudden nausea and T4 pain showing up. I am sure that a good night sleep will take care of it.

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  1. Klaus, so good to hear that your goods days are now more than your bad days. Thanks for keeping up with your daily blog. Paul

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