2017-04-17 Recovery Day 42

Today is the start of cycle two, starting in the late morning with Dexamethasone and followed this afternoon with the Carfilzomib treatment via infusion pump. Later this week we will start taking the Revlimid pills again for 21 day.

This morning was not a good one, it started after getting out of bed with pain in my left upper leg and upper left shoulder. The pain level was high enough for me to take a breakdown pill. I had a small breakfast before I decided to lay down for a while to let the medicine do its thing.

Dianne pick me up for my 2:00 chemo session at the center. My afternoon’s Carfilzomib treatment lasted about 3 hours, most of that time was for hydration and pre-meds infusion. In addition to my first chemo cycle, this time I also got a bone strengthen medication called Zomteta. The chemo infusion itself took about 20 minutes.

After returning home, I rested for about an hour, before having had dinner. My appetite level is so so, it can be different at breakfast, lunch or dinner time. It comes and goes.

As to my pain, for the first time my upper leg pain did not go away, the level however is changing during the day, it swings between level 5 to 8. In addition there is also the left upper shoulder pain, which comes and goes.

Shortly after dinner I went upstairs to retire for the day.