2017-04-18 Recovery Day 43

Getting up this morning had all the signs of a good day. My pain levels were down, even for my left leg. The only pain that was above 6 was my T4 area which required the breakthrough medication. Today is the second day for my afternoon’s Carfilzomib treatment at the local cancer center.

I spend the morning to catchup with my medication calendar entries. I am not recording all my medications, only the major ones, which are the patches and chemo medication.

I had a good FaceTime call with Ray, I believe the two of us do enjoy our daily calls, I sure do. I was also able to catch Paul via FaceTime, however he is at a conference, we kept it short and agreed to connect on Thursday.

At lunch I had 3 of my Premenos coworker visiting me. We had a good time which for a moment lets me forget about my situation. Instead we talked what their future my bring. They even help Dianne with her Garden hose nozzle, replacing the old with a new one. It is a nice change for me having a break in the daily pattern. They will drop by again next week.

The chemo session was without any issues, as they become routine. Therefore there is not much to write. Since this is the week 1 of cycle 2, I will be back next week for my Monday and Tuesday Carfilzomib treatment. Tomorrow I start my Revlimid for the next 21 days. This cycle will end the first week of May.

After getting back home, I noticed that my shoulder pain started to rise drastically to level 8, requiring me to take the breakthrough medication. Not sure if the increase is the result of the chemo medication doing its thing or not.

I enjoyed dinner a sign that my appetite is back, which is another good sign. Over all this was a good day, looking forward for this to continue for the night, assuming that my shoulder pain stays in check with the breakthrough medication.