2017-04-19 Recovery Day 44

I had a good night of sleep with no pain or discomfort! Compared to the first cycle waking up this time there was no nausea. All I had is the same pain in my left leg and shoulder that I encountered over the last few days. Today’s pain level is low and therefore no need for any breakthrough meds.

My energy level was rather good, so good that I help Dianne with making breakfast. I decided to walk around the house at least 250 steps each hour using only my cane. I did so until noon when my left shoulder pain got to high that I needed to take the breakthrough meds. BTW, one of the walks I did outside in front of our house, enjoying the fresh air and sun.

In the morning I had my daily FaceTime call with Ray which we both enjoy. I also connected with another colleague that traveled with Ray and me during our Standards work, Peter Wilson. We will try to connect at least ones a week. I find this calls, including those with my relatives in Germany and Canada, very beneficial for my recovery.

The afternoon was used to do check on my online accounts for my MediCare and Gap health insurance account. As well as the associated lab and hospital accounts. Last but not least there is also the all important
my Social Security account.

In the late afternoon my T4 pain showed up again, requiring me to take the breakthrough meds.

I enjoyed dinner tonight, a sign that my appetite is back. Tonight is also the start of taken Revlimid for the next 21 days.

Over all this was another good day, looking forward for this to continue for the night, assuming that my T4 pain stays in check with the breakthrough medication and there is no reaction regarding the startup of the Revlimid treatment as we had in cycle one.

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  1. Klaus, it was so good to talk with you today. You’re doing great. This ordeal you’re going through has humbled you, but that’s where we rise to new heights with a whole new view of life. Your instructions for making a comment helped, so here I am making a comment. I hope tomorrow is another good day for you. Good night. Paul

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