2017-04-20 Recovery Day 45

You may recall that in cycle 1, the start of taken Revlimid was something special. I will never forget the Big Bang right at midnight my pain level shoot through the roof. The question last night was, would there be a repeat?

As it turns out, I had a good night of sleep with no pain or discomfort! All I had is the same pain in my left leg and shoulder that I encountered over the last few days. Today’s pain level is low and therefore no need for any breakthrough meds.

My energy level was rather good, so good that I help Dianne again with making breakfast. Like yesterday, I decided to walk around the house using only my cane. At 9:00 I went to my office for a Skype conference with my Illumonus colleagues. It was good talking with them, however I must have overdone it a bit, because my left shoulder pain got to high that I needed to take the breakthrough meds.

I had a good lunch break, and since the pain level did not get reduced, I decided to rest and watch some TV. Wouldn’t you know, the TV rest period turned in to a repair session. For some unknown reason all my set boxes needed to be updated with new software. Instead of rest, I ended up helping the remote help desk.

I enjoyed dinner a sign that my appetite is back, which is another good sign. However, I started to feel very tired, guess all the activities of today have finally caught up with me. Over all this was a good day, and hopefully a good night as well.