2017-04-21 Recovery Day 46

Going to bed last night there was the fear that because of me having been overactive yesterday afternoon, that I may not have a good night sleep. I may even have another Big Bang encounter.

The good news, I had a great sleep! The bad news, the pain level of my left upper leg shoot up to a 8-9 the moment I got out of bed.

Learning from yesterday’s mistake, I decided that today would be a rest day, no walking around for 30+ minutes.

The morning was great, I again had breakfast with Dianne. A little bit later I was able to connect via Skype with my old school friend, Jürgen, in Germany. After talking with Jürgen, Laurent contacted me via Skype with some questions. We turned the texting session quickly in to an audio conversation. We had a great conversation touching on a number of topics. Not only do I enjoy this kind of conversations, they are just what I need right now.

Closer to noon I had my daily FaceTime call with Ray, who earlier hat a treatment at his local hospital. All in all it was a busy, but restful morning.

My early morning left upper leg pain had slowly disappeared, however, the pain around the T4 resurfaced again, even with me being in the resting position. I therefore decided that this afternoon I would rest, no walking around, until dinner to see if that makes a difference.

As it turned out, after my afternoon resting, the pain in my left leg came back, this time the whole left leg was affected. It left me no choice other than to retire, go to bed, right after dinner. Hopefully a good night sleep is all that is needed to have a great weekend.