2017-04-22 Recovery Day 47

Being the weekend, I did not wake up until about 7:00, which tells me that I was for about 10 hrs sleeping. Of those 10 hrs, 8 hrs were actual sleep as per Fitbit, and for 2 hrs I was awake. I do recall the awake period, it was around 3:00, however, I am not able to recall more.

Overall it was another good night. Also, as the mornings before, the pain level of my left upper leg shoot up to a 8-9 the moment I got out of bed. This pain did not stop me from having a shower, which afterwards made me feel real good and ready for another day.

Continuing the great morning, I had again breakfast with Dianne. A little bit later I was able to finally connect via Skype with my brother-in-law. I have been trying to get a chat session going, but failed each time. To ensure this does not happen again, we figured out what days are the best and the process on how to initiate the call. With that out of the way, we used the next two hours to caught up with what is new in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada.

After the call with Ron, I had a short FaceTime call with Ray, rounding of my morning. After lunch Dianne took me for a short drive to the Lazboy store, who had for today a special deal, 20% off!

Currently I am using a recliner from Dianne’s work, which needs to be replaced. Thanks to having used over the last few weeks a number of different chairs, we knew exactly what we wanted, all we had left to do was find it at the store. After two hours of trying and retrying a number of recliners, we decided on the 741 Agent model with the motorized control. All we now have to do, is wait for it to be build and delivered.

All in all, today was a busy but good day. After returning home from our Lazboy adventure trip, I rested for the evening watching some TV before dinner. After dinner I retiring upstairs for the evening.

2 thoughts on “2017-04-22 Recovery Day 47

  1. Klaus,

    You’ll enjoy that Lazyboy! Way to go! It’s great that you can get up and about.


  2. Paul, you were correct, we enjoyed the showroom a lot. However, we did have a certain type of chair in mind, which is based on the one at the center and the one at home.

    We did not want a rocker nor a swivel base, it should be motorized for all its recline functions, such as headrest and leg extension. The style should match our current sectional. And last but not least, the dimensions should not exceed our measurement.

    We were in luck, we found one that met all our requirements, including style and color for the cover material. Now all we have to do is wait as the are putting the chair together.

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