2017-04-23 Recovery Day 48

Like yesterday, and still being the weekend, I did not not get out of bed until about 7:00. Overall it was another good night. As the mornings before, the pain level of my left upper leg shoot up to a 8-9 the moment I got out of bed. This pain did not stop me getting ready for another day.

Being a weekend, Dianne does not have to rush out in the morning, allowing us to have breakfast together. Afterwards I spend some time to cleanup around my resting place. I also tried to connect via FaceTime with my cousin in Germany, but failed.

Around 10:00 we (Dianne, Denise and I) went out shopping. Dianne feels, since I am able to walk using just my cane, that I should start getting out of the house for a bit. It was good getting out for a bit. We were back for lunch at 12:00.

After lunch Dianne cut my hair, which seems to grow twice as fast with all the medication I am taking. Since it has been a busy day so far, I decided it was time to rest for a bit. My rest period turned out to be much longer as my system decided I needed more rest.

Before dinner, Dianne, Denise and I took a 30 minute walk in front of our house. I used for safety reason the walker instead of the cane, because my energy level had dropped. I did enjoy that walk and will start doing it every day, just before dinner.

All in all, today was another good day. After dinner I rested watching some TV before retiring upstairs for the evening.