2017-04-24 Recovery Day 49

Today is day one of session two of cycle two. It starts in the late morning with Dexamethasone and is followed in the afternoon with the Carfilzomib treatment via infusion pump.

Overall it was another good night. As the mornings before, the pain level of my left upper leg shoot up to a 8-9 the moment I got out of bed. Actually, today the pain was also in my right leg. As before, this pain did not stop me getting ready for another day.

I continued the morning with having breakfast Dianne prepared before she left for work. I took my vitals before walking around a bit to see if my leg pain increased or decreased. As it turned out, the pain decreased, however now my T4 pain surfaced. It was time to take my breakthrough medication.

It was time to check my email and who was available on Skye or FaceTime. I was lucky, François was online, I have been trying to get a chat session going with him for some time. We had a great chat, talking about many personal things, staying away from any standards related topics. After my chat with François I connected with Ray for a short chat. By the time the chat was over, lunch time had arrived.

The plan was, as before, to get ready after lunch for my chemo infusion session. However, since this time I did not need hydration, my session was push back to late afternoon, so that the session ended with the end of their business hours, aligning with Dianne’s end of day, so that we both could go home at the same time.

The chemo session itself was routine, however the blood work showed that my protein levels were way to low. The rest of the data was as good as before if not better. As to the protein issue, I was given a set of instructions how to improve my protein deficiency.

One event I forgot to mention on Friday, is the appointment I have on Thursday at UCSF Parnassus campus. We have been waiting for awhile to get that appointment, which is a consultation regarding my possible stem cell transplant.

I know, by now this is the same old closing: All in all, today was another good day. After dinner I rested watching some TV before retiring upstairs for the evening.

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  1. Klaus,

    Another good day is a blessing. So good to hear from you. Keep up the good blog work.


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