2017-04-25 Recovery Day 50

This morning I woke up around 3:00 to discover that I was covered in sweat, this never happened before. I will have to check this out later today when I am at the center for my second Carfilzomib treatment.

Getting up this morning I encounter lightheadedness which does not wanted to get away. As to the pain in my legs, I was informed yesterday that these are muscle spasms that are a common side effect to the medication I take. Walking it off or massaging the area will help with eliminating them.

For the last two weeks my legs started to retain water. You may recall an ultrasound was order to make sure there were no blood clots. We tried water pills and compression socks, no improvement. Looking yesterday at the results of the blood work, showed that my protein level are low, which could be the reason behind the legs retaining water.

So for today’s breakfast we had eggs and a boost drink with 8g of protein. We will continue with making sure that we meet the daily requirements for protein in order to see if that will reduce the water retention. I had my daily FaceTime session with Ray and a Skype session with Paul.

I also started to review the paper work for my upcoming consultative session with UCSF on Thursday. Most is standard stuff, but there is on that throws me off, it is called “Outpatient Pain Screening Record”, the first question is “Have you experienced any pain within the past week? Yes, No”. It will be a long list!

The rest of the day was to have lunch and prepare for the afternoon chemo session which was without any issues, as they become routine. Therefore there is not much to write.

After returning home from the chemo session, Dianne help me to finalize the paper work for UCSF. Thursday will be a interesting day at UCSF.

As to the rest of the day, I enjoyed dinner a sign that my appetite is back to normal. We watch some TV afterwards before I retrieved for upstairs to get ready for bed.

Today was another good day, for the first time my T4 area was mostly pain free until around dinner time, when I took the breakthrough meds.

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  1. I love you Dad, miss you so much. I follow your progress on here everyday. I am glad to see that the Appointment for UCSF will be soon. I hope all goes well. I am so proud of you my Father for fighting this if anyone I know on this earth can beat this it will be you. Strongest man I ever met in my life is you.

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