2017-04-26 Recovery Day 51

Overall it was another good night of sleep. As the mornings before, the muscle spasms in my left leg still are there, but the pain level is getting less and less. Maybe there is a chance that soon they will be gone all together. As to the water retention issue in my legs, I wear compression socks during the day, take a water pill after getting up and work on my diet to ensure it contains protein.

I help Dianne with preparing my breakfast before she left for work. My breakfast was not a typical California one, instead it was a bagel with Braunschweiger Leberwurst, banana, raspberry and Ensure Strawberry drink.

After taking my vitals I walked around a bit to find out how it feels after having spend most of my time in the recliner, or walking with the aid of the walker or cane. The outcome, I can walk without any aid, no issue with balance, however, the speed is very slow. I am sure over time this will improve.

Returning to the recliner, getting ready for some calls I noticed that my T4 pain increased to a level 7. It was time to take my breakthrough medication.

I had my daily FaceTime call with Ray, talking about his whisky class he was ready to get to. We also touched on the upcoming games of our two soccer teams. The rest of the morning was spend on a Skype call with Bernd. The topic was all about the ISO/TC 154 which I chaired. I would get in to the issues that we addressed, in summary, someone has to step forward and take charge to deal with the transition to a interim chairperson. Interesting enough, Bernd, who is no longer a TC member, is trying to help a bit, but that is all he can do. Let me ensure you, I have no intention to offer any help, I just can’t do it.

For lunch today I had my Premenos coworker join me. Normally they come on Tuesday, but this week there was a meeting conflict. I enjoy my lunch with them, a tradition that goes over 15 years back. Any topic is a good topic for us to talk about.

Later in the afternoon I got a Skype call from Laurent. We had a very intresting chat about an article in The New York Times Science section, titled Humans Lived in North America 130,000 Years Ago, Study Claims. He also mention that he has been working on some scifi stories. In the end, Laurent’s intrest are the same as Bill one of my lunch collegues. We agreed that the three of us must have a get-to-gether in the future.

The rest of the afternoon I rested from all that walking with out any aid. Actually the resting is used to write this posting.

After dinner I went upstairs to have a shower, getting ready for tomorrow’s trip to UCSF. Overall today was another good day, however like yesterday my T4 area was mostly pain free until around dinner time, when I took the breakthrough meds.