Letter from the ISO-IEC-ITU-UNECE MoU/MG Secretariat

Dear Klaus,

I’ve forwarded your letter to the MoU/MG mailing list.

This announcement comes all of a sudden and your medical diagnosis must have caused a great shock to you and your family. I absolutely understand your decision to cease all business work, but to concentrate on medical treatment and to maximize enjoying private life.

I’m not an expert in medical affairs, but I can tell you that my father (who just went 85 a few days ago) was diagnosed blood cancer (Leukaemie) some 7 years ago. He underwent many chemotherapies and medical treatments since then. While his disease also is without cure, his doctor nearly promised to him, that my father most likely will not be dying of his disease, but of something else in the end. All the medical treatments which he absorbed well, helped to keep the disease well under control without getting worse; actually, in the last half year or so, the disease and the symptoms were even much reduced for the time being, and my father could reduce taking the chemotherapy pills. I just say this to show that there is indeed hope behind the horizon.

Let me first thank you very much for your very engaged and professional work in the business of the MoU/MG over all the years. I particularly enjoyed a lot to working with you through all the past years since I took over the MoU/MG secretariat; and you had accomplished a lot for the sake of coordination standards in e-business. I most appreciated your leadership role in the proof-of-concept project on semantic interoperability and harmonization.

I really wish you all my very, very best for your private life; and in particular, I wish you please to hopefully experience likewise positive stance as occurred to my father, and a long and enjoyable life with your family.


Secretariat, ISO-IEC-ITU-UNECE Memorandum of Understanding on e-Business Management Group