2017-04-28 Recovery Day 53

Overall it was a very good night of sleep. I am sure that much was due because of yesterday’s strenuous activities getting to and from the UCSF Parnassus Campus. As the mornings before, the muscle spasms in my left leg still are there, And today, the pain was a level 9 that took most of the early morning to wear off.

After breakfast I spend time in finalizing yesterday’s posting that was on hold. The rest of the morning I sorted through all that paperwork I received yesterday at UCSF. I also activated my UCSF online account. Guess that makes it official that I am a candidate for the bone marrow transplant (BMT), also called a stem cell transplant.

After lunch I tried to stay awake, guess yesterday did take chunk of energy out of me that I need to recover some how. Actually, resting without falling asleep will do the trick. Falling asleep will have the opposite effect as it will screwup my normal sleep pattern. Nothing to worry, I rested watching Bayern Leverkusen vs Schalke 04.

Around 3:00 PM the pain in my shoulder and T4 area went out of control, the only option I had was to retrieve upstairs to bed. It did not take long for the pain level to decrease to an acceptable level. Dianne noticed that lately on Friday afternoons I would have pain level issues. I will have to report the issue on Monday to see if we can find the cause for it. For today, this is all I have to report. I hope that I will have a painless night.