2017-04-29 Recovery Day 54

Being Saturday, we slept in until 7:00. Dianne even prepared breakfast that we had in bed. The plan for today was for Dianne and Denise to do some garden work, first in front of the house and later in the backyard. I would be with them, sitting in my camping chair. The idea was that I would be outside enjoying the fresh air.

It started of as planned, I watch Dianne, Denise and the traffic in front of the house. I even answered a FaceTime call from my cousin in Germany. However, shortly after the FT call the pain levels in my T4 and shoulder blade are went out of control. Since I had taken my breakthrough meds less then an hour ago, my option was to go back inside and rest in the recliner, hoping the pain would decrease.

As it turns out it took a few hours to get the pain level down. Shortly before lunch I received a call from my uncle in Canada (Ontario). He too has some medical issue that he is trying to get figured out. Guess as we get older we are all candidates for catching some medical illnesses.

As I was resting inside, Dianne continued her garden work in our backyard and Denise had prepared lunch for us all. Around 1:30 my pain level was almost back to normal (around 5-6), so I decided to join Dianne in the backyard. It was just to nice, 77F (25C) in the shade, to stay inside. By 3:00 Dianne was done with the garden work, and so was I with resting outside.

I spend the rest of the afternoon watching some TV, by 4:30 my shoulder and T4 pain level shoot up again, requiring me to take the breakthrough medication. It took a bit longer then normally for the meds to do their thing. The timing turned out to be OK since dinner was about to be served. That is it for today, looking forward to a good night sleep.