2017-04-30 Recovery Day 55

Being the weekend, we slept in until 7:00, and like yesterday we had breakfast in bed. As the mornings before, the muscle spasms in my left leg still are there. Today, the spasms would stick around instead of disappearing shortly after getting up. I would argue that today it was pain not spasms. Still not sure what the difference is between the two. This will be a discussion with my primary Doctor.

I spend the rest of the morning watching a number of Bundesliga games, before having a tuna sandwich for lunch. I started the afternoon with joining Dianne going to the local garden center for some fertilizer. Afterwards I spend sometime resting in the backyard. Actually it was not really resting as I spend some time to replace the tennis balls on the end of my walker.

Being outside in the backyard, I realize that this will be the place I will spend most of my time this summer. With that revelation, I decided it was time to figure out what chair, footrest, etc., would be best for me. The good news, After reviewing my options, I found a chair and footrest that should work. I will check them out during this week. As to rest, we will find something that will do the trick.

During my backyard work, I noticed that my WiFi network is not reachable from my backyard. For now that is not an issue, but as the weather gets better it will be one. I will have check my hardware collection to see if I have a WiFi Range Extender floating somewhere around.

The rest of the afternoon I rested to write this posting. After dinner I went upstairs to have a shower, getting ready for tomorrow’s second chemo session of cycle two. Overall today was another good day, however like yesterday my T4 area is the one giving me trouble requiring me to take the breakthrough meds. That is it for today, looking forward to a good night sleep.