2017-05-01 Recovery Day 56

Today is day one of session three for cycle two. As a reminder, it starts in the late morning with Dexamethasone and is followed in the afternoon with the Carfilzomib treatment via infusion.

As to the night from 30 April to 01 May, it was another good night. The pain associated with getting up in the morning seems to be following a certain pattern. It starts with the pain (muscle spasms) of my left upper leg becoming noticeable the moment I got out of bed. Moving around will in most cases lower the pain level and eventually eliminate it all together. About an hour after getting up, the pain in the T4 area will have risen to level of 7-8, if not more, requiring me to take the breakthrough medication.

Around 8:00 my T4 pain reach pain level 8, requiring to take my breakthrough meds. Since it also forces me to lie down in my recliner, I watched a number of Bundesliga games that I had recorded over the weekend. Before lunch I had my FaceTime call with Ray. For my T4 pain to be under control (pain level 5 or less) I continued to take my breakthrough medication after lunch.

Since my chemo session was not until 3:00, Denise and I watch some of the recorded episodes of BBC America ‘s new show Class. Class is a British science fiction drama programme, and a spin-off of the long-running programme Doctor Who. My take of it is that I like it, can’t wait for the rest of the episodes.

As to the chemo session, it is by now routine. My blood work results were positive, showing increasing data all around. As to my issues, the ongoing need for the breakthrough meds to lower the pain level around the T4 and the leg pain, the dosage was changed from 8 mg to 12 mg and the time in between from 2 hrs to 3 hrs. The reason for the change is that currently the meds don’t cover 2 hrs, by increasing the dosage it should cover the 2 hrs, if not more. If there is a need for meds before the 3 hrs, that is OK.

After arriving back home I rested a bit until it was time for dinner. After dinner I went upstairs to get as much rest as possible for tomorrow’s second chemo session. Overall today was not a good day, like yesterday the T4 area is continuing to require the taking of the breakthrough meds.

That is it for today, looking forward to a good night sleep.