2017-05-03 Recovery Day 58

As to the night, a good night, nothing different to report. As to the pain when getting up, the leg pain was almost not notable and gone within 5 minutes. The T4 pain is still shows up, about an hour after getting up. The level slowly increases. We changed on Monday the dosage and timing to increase the coverage time and hopefully lower the pain level to 5 and below.

In addition to the T4 pain, the left shoulder blade pain surfaced for about an hour at the same time. The T4 pain lasted all day at various levels. More on that later. About two hours after getting up, my right Breast started to hurt with a pain level around 7 which later lowered to about 5, acceptable.

A note about the right breast area, it is the same area that at the start of my treatment had swollen to a very large size. It was treated with radiation and by the time I was being treated at the hospital it shrank back to its regular size.

In summary, all day long two pain location, the T4 and right breast area, had pain levels that changed anywhere from 5 to 8. Breakthrough meds were taken every 2 hrs 45 min.

Overall today was a Interesting day, the change in dosage and timing in the breakthrough meds was a positive improvement, except that the T4 pain seems to stay around now. Hopefully I will get an appointment at UCSF with the surgeon soon. That is it for today, looking forward to a good night sleep.


Dianne was working on getting the authorization for the UCSF surgery when the insurance informed her that there is a in-network surgeon that can do the needed procedure this week. Dianne checked the surgeon out and found out he is a friend of her boss. He specializes in this type of procedure. Since getting the T4 problem solved ASAP and UCSF has no opening yet, leave alone the insurance authorization, we agreed to work with Dr. Rakesh Donthineni at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley. I am temporally scheduled for this Friday. Details to be worked out tomorrow.