2017-05-05 Recovery Day 60 (Update 2)

As to the night, a good night, nothing different to report. As to the pain when getting up, the leg pain was right there in the upper part and lasted throughout the shower I took getting ready to go later this afternoon to Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley. Since I am not allowed to eat and drink anything starting this morning, I went back to bed, limiting my activities that would only increase the demand for water and food.

As it turns out, the decision to go back to bed, was a good one. After taken my vitals I dozed off from 6:30 to about 8:45, just in time for my 9:00 medication. I started to watch some TV and at the same time I check my email. Lucky for me I don’t get that much email anymore. Still having time to bridge, I decided to work on this posting since once I checked in at the hospital I will not have access to it. Doing it now eliminates the need to trying to remember what happen Friday morning. I am sure there are more important thing to remember after I checked in later this afternoon.

That’s it for today. Not knowing what time I will be discharged on Saturday, I may be able to update this posting with what took place this afternoon. If you don’t see an update for Recovery Day 60 and/or a posting for Recovery Day 61, don’t panic, I will be back online soon.


Just as we were ready to leave for Berkeley, the surgeon called. He had a second look at the X-Ray from yesterday and concluded that there was not enough bone for the T4 to be cemented in. No problems with the the L1, L3 and L5 to be cemented in. So instead of a simple out-patient they are now talking about major surgery at a later date that requires staying 3-4 days in the hospital.

The news was not what I wanted to hear. After having spend half a day not eating and drinking, which is not easy, it was a big letdown. I decided to step away from my computer for the rest of the day and write this update just before going to bed.