2017-05-06 Recovery Day 61

Nothing to report about the night, same as always, woke up around 5:00, took my meds, and since it is the weekend, went back to snooze until 6:00, at which time Dianne got up to prepare breakfast. We had together breakfast in bed and watched some TV. Around 7:00 Dianne and Denise left to go to the local garden center for some flower shopping. I decided to stayed in bed until their return, watching some Bundesliga Soccer, SV Darmstadt against FC Bayern München, which Bayern won, 1:0.

So, what about the surgery? The surgeon call last night and again this morning, his plan is to do it on Monday, assuming the insurance company authorizes the procedure. Until there is confirmation from the insurance company, my hopes stay guarded.

I got up around 11:00 helping Dianne and Denise clearing out the garage, including my workbench that was overloaded with lots of Stuff. One part of the clearing activity was to identify what that Stuff actually was, and if it was not used in the last five (5) years, it is gone. The good part of this exercise was (is), that it got my mind of my pain and the upcoming surgery.

After the garage clearing/cleaning we had a delayed lunch and since my T4 pain started to breakthrough it was time for me to rest for bit. I did just that by watching some TV. Around 3:30 the T4 pain level got around a (5) five allowing me to go back outside to sit in my special prepared lawn chair until it was time for dinner.

Overall today was a Interesting day, the news that I will have the surgery on Monday, sleeping in to almost noon that help to keep the T4 pain in check, and finally spending some time outside, yes the garage falls into that category for today. All of this, except for the news about Monday, helped me to forget about the preparation required if Monday will be it. I will try to repeat this tomorrow, I just need to shut out the T4 pain to enjoy some part of the day.

Hopefully I will get the authorization for Monday so that we can get this out of the way and concentrate on the next cycle of the chemo treatment. That is it for today, looking forward to a good night sleep.