2017-05-07 Recovery Day 62

Deja vu – same as always, woke up around 5:00, took my meds, and since it is the weekend, went back to snooze until 6:00, at which time Dianne got up to prepare breakfast. We had together breakfast in bed and watched some TV. Dianne got up around 7:30 and I decided to stayed in bed watching again some Bundesliga Soccer, Hamburg SV against 1. FSV Mainz 05 which ended in a 0:0 draw. I finally got up around 9:00 and get ready for the day.

I spend part of the morning talking briefly with our son and grandson via FaceTime. I also talked to my uncle in Toronto using the old fashion landline. Most of rest of the morning I spend sitting in my special lawn chair watch Dianne and Denise working in the backyard. Once in awhile they ask me for help and advice, which I gladly provide. It is so nice to sit in the backyard (garden) with the only sound being that of the birds and water fountain.

After lunch I retired back to my bed because my T4 pain got out of control. By 3:00 the pain was back under control. I spend the next 2:00 hours in our backyard enjoy the sounds of the birds. The resting did do some really good to my all over system.

Overall today was a good day, it helped me to forget about the preparation for the upcoming surgery. Hopefully there will be no issue getting the authorization for Monday so that we can get this out of the way and concentrate on the next cycle of the chemo treatment. That is it for today, looking forward to a good night sleep.