2017-05-08 Recovery Day 63

This morning is a repeat of Day 60, Friday. I had a good night, like all those nights during last week, nothing different to report. There was no pain when I woke up. I decided, like last Friday, to stay in bed until it is time to get ready to go to Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley. The main reason for staying in bed is that since I am not allowed to eat and drink anything starting this morning, I am limiting my activities that would only increase the demand for water and food.

So what does one do, when staying in bed waiting for the Let’s Go signal? For starters, I take my vitals, like I do every day, using the iHealth BP5 BlueTooth Blood Pressure Device that works together with my iPad. After that, I check my email and any voice mails that may have been left for me. Lucky for me I don’t get that much email anymore. Any emails that require a immediate reply are proceed right away. The rest later on the same day.

Next, I started to watch some TV and at the same time I check my online news. I also use this time to work on this posting since once I checked in at the hospital I will not have access to it. Doing it now eliminates the need to trying to remember what happen Monday morning. I am sure there are more important thing to remember after I checked in later this afternoon.

We are a go! I just now got the message that the insurance company has approved the surgery. I also got the note from the surgeon’s office that he wants to meet with us before the surgery at 12:30. The surgery is scheduled for 2:30 PM. I am also told that I am staying 4-5 days in the hospital.

That’s it for today. Not knowing when I will be able to communicate again via the Internet, don’t panic if you don’t see any posting after this one for a few days. I will be back online soon.