2017-05-09 Recovery Day 64 – Final Version

First the good news, the surgery went well, I can move my feet and toes, move my arms, fingers and thumbs, in summery everything that moved before still does, and which did not does not. The report from the assistant surgeon was that they fixed twice the number of compressions that they had identified needed to be fixed. My spine was in a mess, no wonder all that pain.

The bad news, due to a clerical error my Fentanyl Patch that needed to be renewed today was not, setting my baseline for the breakthrough medication from 100 MG to 0 MG. All I was left with was pushing the breakthrough button giving me 0.2 MG every 10 minutes limited to 4 an hour and 20 per 24 hrs. Hospital procedures don’t allow the totals to be changed, increased.

What I did find out, the procedure in question is nothing more then an order needs to be put in for a new patch by a doctor. In my case, it was shortly after midnight, when after the surgery I was in my assigned room, that my medication was reviewed. During that review it was noticed that during my Fentanyl Patch needed to be renewed, however there was no order in for it. The local hospital doctor in charge, not knowingly the reason for the patch, would not fill the order. In the morning my doctors at the cancer center became aware of it and after some firm discussions between the two parties, the patch was ordered.

When the patch finally got here and was applied around 1:30 PM it put me first in overload, lightheadedness. It did last long and my pain management was back. However, the next goal is to see how much of the spinal pain is gone to find the new baseline.

Around 3:00 PM the Physical Therapist and equipment manager came. The first step was to measure and adjust my Thoracic Extension Brace, see photos below! I will have to wear the brace for 3-4 weeks every time I am out of bed.

PT Pic 1

PT Pic 2

It was a long day with to much to take in. So I will stop here, since all that was left was dinner and sleep.