2017-05-10 Recovery Day 65

First the good news, I used the early morning and late afternoon today to finalize yesterday’s post. 2017-05-09 Recovery Day 64 – Final Version. If you have not read that posting, I strongly suggest you read it before
reading this one.

The bad news, the night was not as good as the last 10+, I was unable to fall asleep. It was not because of pain, but more at the start that my 9:00 PM medication did not arrive until 10:30 PM. I was still awake by 12:30 AM, at which time I asked for a some sleep medication. The answer was, since it was not ordered I could not get any sleep aid medication, not even a Tylenol PM. If I really wanted something they could call my doctor who could put in an order. By my calculations I would have the medication by the time it was time to get up.

So what was my day today? As mention at the start, I used the early morning to start finalize yesterday’s post. With early morning I mean up to about 7:00 to 7:30 AM. Around 8:00 the surgeon’s assistant came by to check on my incisions, everything looked good.

Later on the chart round came by, a chance for me to express my problem about the sleep aid. To be sure for tonight, an order was put in right the.

Dianne arrived around 10:30 to get an update from me and the my assign nurse. Lunch was a bit late, when I did get, my Oncology Doctor and Dianne reviewed the blood panel which looks good. We did however had a discussion about the order priority suggested by the PT and OT department. Their priority is to put the brace on when still in bed, which may be a big problem trying to go to the bathroom. Ours is, let’s first address bed mobility, which current is a problem.

We presented our views to the two PT an OT members, which somewhat agreed. Today we tested my bed mobility and related pain level. We will do more tomorrow.

However, I had a surprised visit just before dinner from my surgeon. He was not aware of our differences, he just wanted to check my back and how I felt. I mention to him our view regarding bed mobility, but also asked if we needed to put the brace on always in bed, or could we do it sitting on the edge of the bed or standing in front? He agreed with us. He also said to go to the bathroom is OK without the brace.

He agreed to state those points in an order to make sure the PT and OT departments know this for my treatment and apply it starting tomorrow. What a change, I am so glad that the surgeon not only agreed but also explained why in his medical view this is one of the correct approaches.

That is it for today, looking forward to a good night sleep.