2017-05-12 Recovery Day 67

First the good news, last night the case manager for Alta Bates Summit Acute Rehabilitation Center came by doing a pre-evaluation to determine if I am a candidate for their recovery program. The preliminary answer was yes, the final answer will most likely be Monday. Until then, rest, rest and more rest, getting pain management back under control.

The bad news, as the nights before, still having trouble falling asleep because of the delay in getting my final medication on time. We were working on this today, let’s see if we have it now under control.

What about today? As mention above, pain management was the hot issue. What we found out was that my Breakthrough pain was “on demand“, I needed to asked to receive the medication, instead I would get it every 3 hours. That is why we have a delay of 60-90 minutes in addition to the original 3 hours. It is still some type of “on demand“, because I can still reject to take the scheduled medication. What it buys me is that there is no delay, the medication is ready when needed. Again, we will see tonight how it will work out.

That is it for today, it was a a interesting day, starting with pain, finding the cause of the problem, fixing it and hope ing the fix lasts. Finally, looking forward to a good night sleep.