2017-05-15 Recovery Day 70

First the good news, I had a good day until about 2:00 PM (14:00). In the morning my vacuum pump was removed. I was able move a bit more in bed, even could move and sit in the bed. From the bed sitting position I could stand up in the walker and walk a bit around. My pain management gotten back to normal in that the patch works in conjunction of the breakthrough pain which is automatically dispensed every three hours. However wouldn’t you know, they quickly screwed it up.

The bad news. It all started with getting ready with the transfer to the local Acute Rehabilitation Center which was scheduled 3:30. To limit the pain the breakthrough pill was to be taken 3:00 allowing 30 minutes for it to dissolve and be at its maximum effectiveness. Sure enough the breakthrough pill arrive at 3:30, delaying the transfer by 30 minutes.

The Disappointment continued at the local Acute Rehabilitation Center, instead of the orders be ready for 6:00 and 7:00, the were delayed by 2 hrs. One of the features offered by this local Acute Rehabilitation Center was that the allow short chemo sessions (less than 2 hours) to be administrated right in the patients room. It would be great if it was all setup, but no, instead it required lots of administrative paper word. The chemo session finally started at an hour late.

I guess better late than never, were else would I get Acute Rehabilitation, chemo By Mouth Only, an short chemo by IV.