2017-05-17 Recovery Day 72

First the good news, there is not much of it, except for finally having that long awaited bow movement during last night (day 71 to 72). It started at 9:51 PM, called and got the Nurse who worked with me by shortly before 10:00. She removed the lower leg stress control cables and unplug my IV cable. It took me alone 2 minutes to get in to the sitting position on the edge of the bed, from there into the walker, walking to the commode, and finally sitting down. I started immediately and was done @ 10:30 with no room to spare in the pot. I got back to bed, finding my sweat spot and was ready to go back to sleep.

The bad news, There were a few flaws, but I already the details, so nothing to report.

The first thing I received before breakfast was my PT and OT schedule for the day. My trainers, Mike and Junie did a great job today. Each had 3 one hour session. I benefited immediately from some of their exercises. Looking forward for more. The both listen to my questions, provide answers in plain English, and sometimes admit they don’t know, but will check with someone and get back to me (us).

This is a very short report because I was kept busy our PT and OT members, leaving little to write about. Much of what I was asked to do during my OT session has to do with basics, like how to dress. This may sound so simple but believe me it is NOT.

For the PT session the goal is to strengthen my muscles and learn how to move in the correct order for a specify activity and/or movement.

That is it for today, it was a a interesting day, starting with OT and PT, learning much about the human body’ pain, and finding the (legal) cause of the problem.

Final looking forward to a good night sleep 😇💌